The early stage VC of Stephan Schubert

STS Ventures is a Cologne-based industry agnostic early-stage investor. We are a business angel with the firepower and professionalism of a venture capital (VC) firm.

STS Ventures concentrates all business angel activities of Cologne-based serial entrepreneur and successful investor Stephan Schubert. Having founded and exited 4 own companies, Stephan is a serial entrepreneur in the German internet industry. Since the rise of the internet in Europe in the late 90s, he has been investing in numerous technology-driven startups and has built an outstanding track record. He is one of the most active, connected, and experienced business angels in Germany. If you are looking for a genuine entrepreneur who has overcome obstacles similar to those you may face in the future and if you could benefit from honest advice and timely feedback, we are the right partner for you.



STS Ventures sees itself as a co-founder of its startups! We support our portfolio companies with money, many years of experience as entrepreneurs, and a network of top talents and decision-makers in various industries. Through our lean organizational structure, we decide and act quickly.

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We are looking for passionate founding teams that are numbers-driven and have complementary skills. Passionate founders are committed and are able to move mountains. Learn more about how founders have expressed their confidence in us.

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Christian Gaiser Founder of kaufDA

Stephan is a very active and numbers-driven investor. His honest feedback helped us along our entire entrepreneurial journey.

Porträt von Manuel Mueller, CEO und Founder von Emma, The Sleep Company im Büro

Manuel Müller Founder of Emma - The Sleep Company

We could not have achieved this great success alone. We strongly recommend STS to every founder who wants to build a sustainable business!

Marco Vietor, Founder of Audibene

Marco Vietor Founder of Audibene

We really enjoyed working with STS. Stephan brought in many key ideas and concepts which we are grateful for!

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