We invest in exceptional teams with business ideas that work. We typically invest in firms headquartered in the DACH region. A typical initial investment ranges from €200k - €500k with up to a total of €5 million per company through follow-up investments. To help build a strong foundation, we prefer to be amongst the first investors.


Initial funding (min.)


Initial funding (max.)


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Porträt von Stephan Schubert, Managing Partner von STS Ventures

Stephan Schubert

Managing Partner

Stephan is a serial-entrepreneur and founded the companies OnVista, Ligatus and IS.Teledata. He further has been investing into disruptive internet companies for over 15 years.

Friederike Wolf

Executive Assistant

Friederike studied Romance and German in Passau and worked with the Cologne-based label EMI Music before joining the team at STS Ventures in 2015.

Foto von Alissa Prinsloo, Investment Managerin bei STS Ventures

Alissa Prinsloo

Investment Manager

Alissa previously worked in various roles for start-ups as well as in consulting. She holds a Master’s degree from Copenhagen Business School with a focus on business development and venture capital. She gained international experience living in the U.S. and in Taiwan.

Noah Souvignier

Investment Manager

Noah has an international background having lived in Germany, the UK, and Canada. He holds a BA in international business with a focus on finance and previously worked in venture capital, consulting, and founded his own startup.

Investment Manager_STS Ventires_Nicolas von Cappeln

Nicolas von Cappeln

Investment Manager

Nicolas has worked in various roles in consulting and private equity. He holds a Master's degree from ESCP Europe with a focus on corporate finance and a Bachelor's degree from WHU. He gained international experience by living in places abroad, among them Ecuador, Singapore, France, and Spain.

2021_Oliver Kaul_Investment Manager_STS Ventures

Oliver Kaul

Investment Manager

Oliver previously worked in the automotive and mobility sectors, and for various consultancies. He holds a Master's degree from RWTH Aachen in Industrial Engineering. During his studies, he gained experience in AI and data analytics as well as international experience living in NYC.

Joachim T. Rennert

Joachim T. Rennert

Venture Partner

Joachim has structured and built the VC portfolio of several families and family offices. He recently focused on developing his real estate portfolio and making angel investments. We cooperate on deal exchanges, evaluations, and networking.



The entrepreneurial collaboration with our portfolio startups is a trademark of STS Ventures. Watch this interview with Stephan Schubert, managing partner at STS Ventures, to learn more about the scope of our involvement.

Stephan Schubert im Büro
Bilder im Büro in Köln.

I really like to understand the business, and the numbers behind the business, and work with the team along their entrepreneurial journey.
Stephan Schubert, Managing partner at STS Ventures

Ein Investment Manager bei der Arbeit

If we like the company and the team, we will make follow-up investments.
Stephan Schubert, Managing partner at STS Ventures

Stephan Schubert im Büro

We seek for teams who generate revenues while managing their cost structure.
Stephan Schubert, Managing partner at STS Ventures